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Last Day of Summer 2013… Reigate and SE England enjoyed cloudless blue skies throughout the last day of 2013 meteorological summer today. Reigate reached Tmax 22ºC, was exceptionally sunny with no cloud all day. A light NW breeze meant shadows felt a little on the cool side, but this is just being picky. A very dry NW airmass aloft circling round the Azores High kept the sky cloud free. Relative humidity at 700hPa was 10% and at the surface Reigate had RH less than 40%.  

Is this the end of warm weather, no not at all!  Even warmer conditions are expected to build across the South through the coming week with Tmax perhaps reaching 28ºC by mid-week.  Thereafter, a cold front attached to a LOW could bring a fairly rapidly conclusion to our warmest weather with maybe some heavy showers and thundery rain before the end of the week.  Nevertheless, Autumn is typically characterised by fluctuating waves of alternating warm Tropical air battling it out with cool Polar air, so we can expect periodic flows of warm air at times through early Autumn.  The first big Autumn storm has yet to appear on the horizon, they are stuck across the Atlantic giving E Canada a soaking!  Our time will come, though 🙂

Meteorological (weather) Summer differs from astronomical Summer in that the weather seasons are simply broken into three month chunks: Summer is June, July and August; Autumn is September, October and November; Winter is December, January and February and Spring is March, April and May.

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