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A medley of photos showing Reigate today: heavy snow in the morning melted rapidly as air and surface temperatures remained above freezing most of the day.  Colder air is on the way overnight and tomorrow.  Read on to find out why…

Here is the weather synopsis for this week: HIGH pressure to the north, LOW pressure to the south and a weak jetstream well to the south of the UK: result = POLAR NORTH EASTERLIES flood across the UK…again! Crazy low temperatures for March are forecast early/mid week with 850hPa temps at 1500m as low as -8°C over Reigate and surface temps struggling above freezing: wind chill as low as -9°C possible at night, daytime wind chill as low as -5ºC with winds up to 20mph feeling outrageously cold for this time of year, or any for that matter!

Sunday: watch out for snow streamers developing across the SE and East Anglia as the cold easterly wind crosses a comparatively warm North Sea. The 12°C difference between sea surface temps (+6°C) and air mass temps (-6°C at 1500m) could cause instability on decaying fronts lingering near the SE. This could cause the formation of perky showers in “lines” (snow streamers) which could mean some areas get prolonged snow whilst others, a few miles away, see none at all.
Monday and Tuesday: colder, drier, brighter; but snow showers always possible.

update Sunday 24: Big uncertainty about the end of the week: less uncertainty now: COLD set to continue: snow storm for Easter? 😦