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Rainfall is usually measured in millimetres but it is hard to imagine how MUCH WATER this actually means. It is easier to use the idea that 1mm of rainfall is equal to 1 litre of water falling on every square metre of ground.  Friday is going to be a wet day with 10mm of rainfall expected.  But how much water is actually going to fall on the school during this wet day? Here’s how to find out:
1. Use Google Earth to plot a polygon.
2. Right click on the polygon file in the Places list on the left hand side of Google Earth and COPY it.
3. Find
4. PASTE the polygon file into the empty box mid-page.
5. Select sq metres for the area units and click “view on web page”.
6. This brings up the AREA of your polygon in sq metres.
7. Now multiply the area by the expected or actual amount of rainfall in mm.
8. The result will be the litres of rain falling on that area.
On Friday we can therefore expect about 200,000 litres of rain to fall on Reigate Grammar School. This is about the same as 11,000 buckets or 650 car fuel tanks being emptied onto the school grounds during the course of the day.
Weather advisory: bring an umbrella!
Update: in the end, the actual rainfall only delivered 6mm of rain onto RGS… the LOW pressure didn’t pep up to form the awful winter storm forecast earlier in the week. Friday turned out to be wet in the morning and then cleared up to be a nice day.  Nevertheless it still added up to 6000 buckets of water thrown over the school!