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Reigate is at risk from heavy rain moving north across the SE during Friday pm through to Saturday. 24 hour rainfall totals could exceed 30mm for this period. This marks the start of an interesting period of weather seeing temperatures taking a big drop from Sunday through to Monday. Prepare for cold temperatures and icy conditions in Reigate by Monday through to Tuesday especially. Snow is a risk but exact details remain uncertain: the main snow risk for Sunday is north of London, Midlands and north of the M4 corridor but temperatures fall overnight easily low enough for any rain round Reigate to increasingly fall as snow. It will certainly be chilly and Monday night could be extraordinarily cold for March (where’s Spring?)! 

This chart shows the TOTAL rainfall accumulation for England and Wales over the next 24 hours until Tuesday evening. LOOK at Reigate and the South East: we are the ONLY place in the country to have little or no expected precipitation tomorrow! Despite one weak cold front moving over tonight and another more perky cold front moving in tomorrow evening it looks like any showers in the increasingly COLD wind will miss us or remain light and insignificant.  Each front which crosses the country will bring increasingly cold air – culminating in the Arctic air reaching us on Wednesday.  The RGS fieldtrip to Camber Sands tomorrow looks like escaping any significant showers tomorrow. It will, however, feel freezing in the wind.

How wet has 2012 been? Is it a record breaker?.

via How wet has 2012 been? Is it a record breaker?.

Our South East corner of the UK has had things easy compared to the rest of the country!