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Cloud is spreading from the East tonight associated with the cold easterly winds approaching tomorrow but the sky will hopefully remain clear over Reigate for a siting of the International Space Station this evening. The ISS will make a visible pass over Reigate at 18:57hrs this evening moving from west to east across the sky in just over 2 minutes. Where do we look? Start by looking due west and then nudge a few degrees to the north. The ISS will make an appearance some 40′ above the horizon near Andromeda at 18:57:04 hours. It will ascend to a position almost vertically above our head when it will be only 260 miles away. It is brightly illuminated by the sun and will disappear into the shadow of the Earth as it moves down across the eastern horizon. The ISS is orbitting at over 17,000 mph and takes about 1hr30mins to orbit the Earth.