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The cool pattern of winter weather we have experienced in Reigate during February has not been reflected everywhere across the Northern Hemisphere.  Greenland, in particular, has been warmer than usual. Whilst Reigate has experienced Polar air incursions pushing temperatures 2ºC colder than average, Greenland has experienced more frequent warm southerly air masses than usual and it’s HIGH pressure has not developed so strongly this month to keep out the warm air, until recently. The Greenland ice sheet doesn’t usually start melting until April or May (average 1980-2010). In 2013 surface melting has started already in SE Greenland. So, the 2013 Northern Hemisphere winter climate appears to be acting strangely with extreme storms in the USA (Sandy and Nemo), heavy snow in Russia, severe storms in the Atlantic and now the early onset of melting on the Greenland ice sheet being startling reminders that weather patterns have been far from “average”.  Reigate is fortunate to have  escaped any severe weather on this scale!