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The ingredients for our Monday storm are stirring in the Atlantic, as shown by the sat pic from today.
The Mother of LOW pressures south of Greenland is whipping up hurricane force winds and 50 foot waves in the Atlantic.
A warm plume of tropical air is being brought up by a weakening ex-tropical depression Lorenzo.
They meet at the polar front where an extremely powerful 240mph jetstream is due to lower surface pressure rapidly forming the storm which will cross UK on Monday.  The birth of our storm is called cyclogenesis: it is rapid and will cross the UK rapidly overnight Sunday to Monday.  It will continue to fall in pressure and intensify as it does so.  Conditions will be worst along the south coast and SE where wind gusts could reach 80mph, inland gusts of 60mph will decrease north of the M25. The beaufort scale below shows what these winds mean to you and your house. Sustained winds around Reigate will probably hover around 20-30mph, which are certainly not damaging. Gusts are a different matter and these could lift tiles, bring down branches or even weak trees ready to fall.  Loose fences and garden furniture not tied down may also blow about in gusts and cause additional damage.  Umbrellas will certainly be “difficult to use”, (I love this description!) which is, of course, a critical meteorological threshold occurring when winds exceed Force 6, 25mph.