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Apart from stating the obvious, that it’s got colder, Autumn 2012 has had some notable highs and lows, some of which buck the trend towards a feeling of worsening winter weather:

The average temperature for Reigate this autumn has been exactly 10C with the warmest temperature of 27.9C on September 11th and the coldest temperature of -2.4C recorded on November 30th.  Despite feeling chilly, the first frost in Reigate only occured in the last week of October.

October was by far the wettest Autumn month here in Reigate with 121.8mm of rain and only 7 dry days, while November had 78.8mm, 9 dry days and September just 64.4mm and a whopping 2 weeks of dry days!

Finally, as expected, November has been the windiest month with a highest gust of 41mph, followed by gusts in October of 31mph and September 27mph.  The average wind speed recorded for each month are very similar, all around 8-9 mph.