#Reigate quick weekend wx update…

February 27, 2014 — Leave a comment

Update for Reigate: tricky weather picture but here goes… 

Friday: wet cloudy day, mostly light winds for us, recent model runs now bringing in slightly less total rainfall accumulation tomorrow for Reigate.. around 10mm likely, more if showers perk up pm.  Rain arrives early hours Fri am with persistent frontal rain as occlusion wraps almost full circle around the SE, later in the day more convective showers are likely. All this drifts slowly off to the S later pm.

Fri-Sat some cloud and rain may persist late overnight, any showers turning briefly wintry over hills as temps cool off, gradually drying up through to early Sat am.

Saturday: Some light rain may persist from the remnants of slow moving front edging SE, though this may clear more quickly for a dry mostly cloudy day. Cool at Tmax 6c


Overnight Sat-Sun: a new LOW crossing the north of the UK will sweep a front across our area and bring more rain overnight, due to clear Sunday am, though, again, latest UKMO run shows light rain a possibility during Sunday as this front weakens and becomes slow moving over the SE.  Any remaining rain

Yet another LOW pressure system, this one larger, is set to move in to UK quickly overnight Sun-Mon and bring more persistent and widespread rain overnight Sun-Mon and showers Monday.


The longer term picture is rising pressure towards the end of next week so that next weekend could be much more spring-like and pleasant. Check back for details.

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