January 2014 summary

February 2, 2014 — 1 Comment

Brief summary of weather this January in Reigate. January 2014 has been one of the wettest on record for SE England.  UKMO say that January 2014 in Southern England and SE has been the wettest for 250 years (since “records began 1766”).  Records specific to Reigate do not go back that far (c4 years) but the town had over 180mm of rain in January, more than 3 times the rainfall in January last year.   Kenley, our nearest official met office wx station, recorded just over 200mm of rain.  Kenley is on top of the North Downs so is likely to experience more rain due to orographic uplift, especially in the convective downpours on squall lines and thunderstorms that occurred this month (posts here).

A significant proportion of Reigate rain arrived in the form of intensive downpours brought by humid unstable Southerly / SSW air masses bringing thundery cells from the Channel Coast, notably on 28 January when Reigate had thunderstorm activity and spectacular cumulonimbus clouds (one big clap over the town at 1:00pm).  This was during the cut-off low warm-through at the end of the month.

On 23-24 Jan a squall line arriving from the NW brought the highest gust of wind recorded in Reigate for at least 4 years: 52mph.  The squall line brought more trees down locally and recorded gusts over 60mph on the Downs. Posts on that event here.

The month began wet with the Mole running high and ended with the river still in a flood state.  Here are some pictures illustrating January 2014 around Reigate.


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