24-12-2013 04-44-39

December 24, 2013
24-12-2013 11-24-2224-12-2013 14-36-26

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    I wonder if you could maybe provide a rainfall figure for the period 6pm 23 December to 7am 24 December? That’s the timeline the Met Office have online, showing 41mm for Charlwood, 53.6mm for Kenley Airfield and 66.7mm for Boscombe Down in Wilts. Many thanks if you can help. I was at RGS 1964-72, including during the flood of 1968.


      Thanks for feedback! Here we recorded 70mm for 24hrs 23-24 dec, will have to dig around to get finer resolution. Manual / traditional rain gauge reading. Ian Currie recorded a similar amount. Worth noting that rainfall figures can vary widely due to differences in location, height and type of rain gauge. Let me know if this helps.

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