#Reigate cool weekend ends November, then December “tries out” winter later next week

November 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

The US and Canadian winter storm is dominating weather headlines with London in Ontario, for example, recording -10c and plenty of snow. The jetstream looped wildly down across the US and Canada due to an “omega” blocking pattern in the Pacific causing a plunge of Arctic air to flow across the entire continent, almost reaching Florida at one point (but not quite!).27-11-2013 17-41-10

For the UK things are more benign.  This Friday 29 Dec sees a cool NW upper flow reaching the UK with a LOW moving over Scandinavia bringing down cool bright Arctic air for the weekend.  This is a rather interesting “cross-polar flow” which sees surface winds flowing right across the North Pole from Siberia / Pacific and reaching Reigate via N Greenland! It will warm up considerably over the N Atlantic waters which are still around 10c surrounding the UK but still only allow Reigate weekend temps of Tmax 5-7c with a cool breeze making it feel like 3-4c at best. Wrap up!

27-11-2013 07-38-06

After the weekend the HIGH keeps the south dry and relatively mild humid air (so cloudy) for the start of next week but it slips south allowing an increasingly brisk W/NW air flow. The main news is a possible significant cold shot from around Friday 6 Dec which will bring in much colder air across the whole country.  Models are currently coming into line on this and it is not certain how long or deep any cold snap will be but it seems likely that a cold snap will bring snow across northern and east coast regions while Reigate and SE will get some cold conditions with possible snow showers but cold wind and rain and sleety icy / wintry episodes are more likely for us. In any case, significant snowfall is not expected in the SE currently but periodic and overnight dusting on the hills in some v cold air temps is likely.  Frosty and icy conditions are coming for a while. Check back for updates though!

Dec 6-7 arrival of colder air

Dec 6-7 arrival of colder air

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