LOW fresh from Greenland stirs up a COOL week but for “ICY BLASTS” you’ll need to pop to the Alps this weekend…

November 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

Don’t worry, no icy blasts for SE and Reigate this week. Some cooler weather certainly arriving Tues (but dry and bright initially) and a slight possibility of snow flurries for Weds night/ Thursday am across the Downs for a little while but sleet more likely and rain either side of this momentary event, which most will miss anyway by being in bed. It’s interesting weather nonetheless. A LOW is developing rapidly as we speak between Greenland and Iceland. Freezing air off the Greenland ice cap is meeting warmer air brought north by a brisk jetstream and the two are colliding at a development zone for storms on the pole-ward side of a very frisky jetstream blasting west to east across Greenland from  Canada. The jet is in a meridional / wildly loopy phase and is directing this LOW pressure with attendant cold polar air straight across Iceland, across the North of Scotland and then down the North Sea brushing very close to the East coast and SE of England on Weds- Thurs.  

In Reigate this will bring chilly / “icy” rain overnight and a brief low risk possibility of dusting snow over the Downs. The LOW drifts off down to the continent where it brings snow and very cold conditions to the Alps: -25c is predicted on some models for the high Alps. So, there will be icy blasts here and there associated with this LOW but you’ll have to pop to Greenland or Iceland, possibly the mountains of Scotland or the Alps this weekend to experience this!  

For the UK a HIGH pressure builds through to NW later this week / weekend so things look to be staying cool but rather settled with a N/NE wind dominating.

Weds night into Thurs: looks to be that wintry ppt on the way 🙂

check out latest radar 21:00hrs weds: please follow our twitter feed for latest updates on local winter weather @RGSweather

20-11-2013 20-59-32

next update: Sunday 24 Nov…

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