Reigate weather near and far

November 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Reigate will see a wet, miserable start to the week, albeit a warmer day than the cool weekend due to the warm sector bringing in tropical air.  Rain is due to arrive for Monday morning journey to work and thereafter remain pretty drizzly and on and off all day with some heavier showers poss around midday and pm, including rain clearing on Tuesday morning.  The rest of the week looks drier and, whilst not bone dry, a high pressure edging into the SW from the Atlantic will inhibit the sort of rain and storms we have seen recently and push them way up north to Iceland.  

10-11-2013 21-41-35

For us it will be much calmer and drier with Tmax around 9c and cool nights down to 3 or 4c air temp, staying mostly frost-free unless cloud cover clears overnight. Further ahead models want to push down November temps from mid November onward, including a precursor of something briefly colder towards the end of the week as the HIGH shifts west and north of the UK and a LOW slips south down the North Sea: this could drag in some chilly winds.

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