Saturday: storm “Mungo” arrives: update on local winds in SE and Reigate

November 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

Weather Alert! (No UKMO warning has been issued for our area today but it’ll still be windy so worth a heads-up!)

Here’s a map showing local wind strength around Reigate and SE this afternoon and this evening.  Rain will not be a big feature for the SE, maybe some perky showers racing through pm but the main feature of Mungo in the SE is that it is expected to get windy, though not as strong as St Jude, it nevertheless seems appropriate to issue a weather alert because so many people will be out and about at bonfire events. Remember it’ll be more windy in exposed places while sheltered spots north of hills, in valleys and sheltered by woodland will of course see much lower wind speeds. The storm currently lies off SW Ireland where waves are building over 30 feet high with 50 mph winds increasing all the time. The SW approaches to the UK and the Bristol Channel are expected to see the highest winds today, approaching 70mph in places. All sea areas have been issued with severe gale warnings up to storm force 10 with rough or very rough sea conditions but winds die down inland because of friction with bumpy surfaces in contrast to the smooth (usually!) sea. If you know people crossing the Channel, give them a call!

Inland winds will be much less but “Mungo” is a big storm and is expected to push significant blustery winds our way this afternoon with sustained winds of 25-30mph, which aren’t a problem, but potential for gusts around 40mph, which could be a problem.
Any gusts, while not as strong as StJude, will be capable of pushing trees into a sway and break off the odd twig or even branches loosened in the previous storm. Leaves and litter will be blown about too, making clearing up after any bonfire nights probably more of a task.

n.b “Mungo” is our own name for this storm.  Midge arrives tomorrow evening from the SW with lots of rain for SE. Mary was a non-event, missing the SE entirely yesterday and taking her rain and wind across Channel N France.

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