Twin storms this Friday and Saturday…UKMET issue weather warning

October 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

Friday update: looks like heavy rain will go thru N France, so S and SE can expect a damp day with rain am and more pm, possibly heavier pm.  But not the deluge forecast a day ago. This situation is changing rapidly so check back.

A fast moving situation and not certain of track yet but … heads up that TWIN STORMS are set to hit the UK this Friday and Saturday bringing peaks of further heavy rainfall and gales. The first storm has uncanny similarities to StJude but is a weaker affair… and a warmer and wet version of StJude which is set to bring a lot of rain and windy conditions to the south sometime on Friday, probably pm. Stress this is not as powerful as StJude. Wind speeds probably max 30mph in Reigate, so not damaging as modelled currently. This first storm will be shifting quickly SW-NE, arriving SW Friday am and leaving by midnight, clearing the country in less than 12 hours.

The second storm is bigger and currently set to cross the UK further North and bring stronger gales across the South and SE, possibly gusting in excess of 40mph in Reigate and 50mph in exposed places nr coast; it will be wet but the wind is more likely to be the defining feature especially in the SE.  The Channel will likely see strong winds throughout this period.  Details are still emerging but twin storms, yet to be named, both deepen on their track across the country due to a lively jetstream. Once again, batten down those hatches, check the fence posts and tie down the trampolines!
More on this rapidly developing situation later as things emerge but prepare for a potential windy and wet fireworks on Friday and Saturday.  Watch forecasts.

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