Weather alert for rain SE England Fri – Sun

October 10, 2013 — Leave a comment


Update: Reigate 22mm rain total between lunchtime Fri and cold front clearing 8am Saturday.  Next batch of heavy rain likely Sunday with poss 20mm extra!

Latest radar for Sunday morning… rain moving south: LOW drifting directly over SE… expect more rain to come for next few days.

rain sunday

Unusually HIGH rainfall totals are possible this weekend in the SE England and Reigate from Friday through to Sunday. Totals of 50mm are possible in places accompanying a cold NE wind Friday pm gusting 30mph inland possible. An unusual situation is developing in our region with a cool easterly flow and LOW pressure to the South trending through the channel on a “reversed ” jet stream flowing east to west at >110mph at times. This is drawing in more humid air from the continent with associated fronts creating persistent and occasionally heavy rain at times throughout the weekend, notably Friday evening, through Saturday and possibly more heavy rain Sunday morning. Update: Saturday dry and bright; Sunday set for LOW developing Southern N Sea and drifting off East Coast to bring in more Nor’easterlies! 20mm potential again. 

Total rainfall for the next 3 days on several models are exceeding our monthly average by some margin at 50mm+.

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