Typhoon Usagi expected landfall Hong Kong within next 24 hours

September 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

Super Typhoon Usagi is blasting through the Luzon Straight and heading for Hong Kong. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) in Pearl Harbor expects it to make landfall in 24 hours, probably early Monday in HK. Wind speeds are over 100 knots and max wave height is 43 feet. Hong Kong sea port has been shut down and over 300 flights have been cancelled. All flights are expected to be cancelled from this evening (Sunday). Track Usagi with links below.

Updated location :usagi landfall

Typhoons in Pacific Sept 2013

Typhoons in Pacific Sept 2013

NOAA Usagi data

NOAA Usagi data

Warning Red Alert USAGI

Warning Red Alert USAGI

Hong Kong Observatory issued No8 storm warning signal (on a scale 0-10)  with the following alert as landfall occured 100km N of HK:

Hong Kong No8 signal

Meanwhile, in total contrast, the UK can expect the benign and balmy warm air feed from the SW to continue as a trough in the Atlantic deepens and brings warm air from Iberia. If the anticyclonic gloom shifts then temperatures will soon lift into the low 20s and maybe 23c is possible.  Models after about wednesday remain uncertain.  A general breakdown of the current HIGH over the UK with a return to zonal conditions with a strenghtening jetstream by next weekend is likely.  Some models bring on quite siginifcantly unsettled Autumnal weather next weekend, with heavy rain and gales, but this is too far off and models remain too wobbly with extra-tropical uncertainty still lingering in the N Atlantic.  The Atlantic hurricane season remains very quiet and no further incursions by ET storms are expected this week so Humberto maybe the first and last ETS affecting the UK this year … but the hurricane season has a while to go yet. ETS=Extra-Tropical Storm.

Blocking HIGH for the UK… opposite of Typhoon!

block high sept 22 2013

Some useful links on Usagi…









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