Back to cool, new therm begins…

August 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

Back to school,  a new term begins and Autumn is knocking on the door… but not quite yet as summer will hang on by its fingernails in Reigate! A flirt with cooler Autumnal conditions, a last blast of summer heat and a possible thundery breakdown are all packed into next week … so read on as the weather gets more interesting.

So, no surprises of course but summer is on the wane as cooler air from Iceland threatens to sweep away our benign August warm calm conditions at the end of next week. This weekend is a rather weak “dry-run” of future Autumn storms with cooler air briefly sweeping a slightly cooler airmass from NW across the UK, but Reigate should stay dry throughout the weekend, albeit a little cooler than recently.

However, Summer is not going quietly and while cooler temps will inevitably win-out, mid-week looks like returning warm temps as high as 27ºC with a plume of warm air from Spain. Unfortunately, this last blast of summer heat (probably!) will be rudely and rapidly swept aside by brisk NW cool air flow by the end of next week associated with a LOW pressure system to the north of Scotland. There could be a brief thundery breakdown associated with this change as fronts lift away any warm air still lingering over the UK, especially the south. Most of the instability bringing any threat of storms is located over the near continent on current models but that could change and the SE might see some storms as cooler air undercuts the warm. One to watch!

spanish plume poss



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