Reigate June 2013 Summary

July 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

June in Reigate was dry and mostly rather cool apart from a notable warm plume event after the middle of the month.  Post Tropical storm Andrea pepped up the weather from early June and an interesting JET STREAK on the June 11 were expected to deliver a lot of rain but, in the event, it was merely blustery and quite wet for Reigate.  Thereafter, a meridional jetstream developed and looped right down across Europe and eventually formed a large cut-off low over Spain and a persistent trough over Europe made the continent extremely wet with flooding in Germany, Austria and Czech Rep.  Whilst the UK sat on the cooler side of the trough, the warm low over Spain / France edged closer to the UK through mid-June and dominated our weather with the threat of downpours from a warm upper plume.  Large hail and near super-cell storms developed over France and Netherlands.  However, the expected thunderstorms for the UK slipping over the Channel associated with the warm LOW approaching from the South never arrived but delivered big Tstorms to Europe and some ran up the Channel and S North Sea.  Nevertheless, interesting clouds like Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in warm plume alto-cumulus created a rare treat for cloud collectors!

In general, models struggled to predict convective storms / any rain during this unusual Southerly and Easterly flow with Europe stuck in a trough delivering warm uppers to the UK and the jet stream proper cut off to the North of the UK.  NMM, NAE and GFS kept predicting significant downpours for the SE with high CAPE and lifted index values when no rain arrived at all as CAPES and LIs repeatedly melted away on 00Z runs!  High res UKMO and Hirlam delivered more accurate predictions but only nearer the time.  Rainfall was low. Overall, June did not “bust out all over” rather she teased with plenty of near-miss extreme weather events here in the SE. More on the continuing COOL 2013 here

Meanwhile, the Mid-West USA experienced some of the largest tornado events in history: El Reno tornado was the widest ever recorded and wind speeds exceeded 200mph.

Reigate June statistics:

June Average temp 14.4C
June Tmax 26.8C
June Tmin 5.2C

Total rainfall 18mm

JUNE data available to download on DATA page now!

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