Jetstream is alive and well…

June 20, 2013 — Leave a comment


Interesting subtle switch in the weather coming up… surface winds today and tomorrow will slowly shift from a warm light easterly, round to southerly and thence to westerly usherring away the mini-Euro heat wave and bringing cooler normal Atlantic conditions by the weekend.
You might be surprised to know that, despite slack humid lazy conditions down here at the surface, the jetstream is alive and well and blowing warm air over SE England from Spain at a healthy 60mph+ at 5500m. This warm plume aloft is SO warm that it has created a temperature inversion at about 2-3000 feet, where temps actuallty increase with height. This effectively means rising thermals which could create thunderstorms do not break through the inversion cap. This is why we’ve had no spectacular thunderstorms…yet. The daytime temps have not risen high enough for the cap to be broken. Today this might change but it’s a low risk again and nothing may happen at all. Enjoy the last moments of continental heat… it’s drifting off today, albeit slowly, and being replaced gradually by cooler Atlantic air.

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