Thursday: 100mph+ winds for Reigate…at 20,000 feet!

May 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

Thursday morning will see winds in excess of 100mph for Reigate… fortunately well above the town at 20,000 feet or so! This is the jetstream. These winds are pivotal in producing strong surface winds which will “touch-down” later in the day in Reigate. Surface gusts of over 40mph are possible with +30mph average winds. These winds are due to a deepening area of LOW pressure crossing the north of the UK over the next few days. The Irish Sea, English Channel, south coast and hilly areas like the South and North Downs will see the highest gusts. With trees in leaf there may be the odd branch falling. Batten down the hatches and secure loose bins! (Video: you can see the LOW crossing Northern England.  Reds 60mph; yellows 40mph; greens 30mph).

Quick update for NEXT week: LOW pressure dominates as a cyclone sinks down from the NW and an upper TROUGH sits over the UK while HIGH pressure builds to the NORTH: this will bring a distinctly AUTUMNAL feel to Reigate next week: temperatures struggling to get into the mid-teens, with periods of showery and breezy weather: so, NOT hot at all: cool, unsettled and rather wet for the time being.  More details later! Check @RGSweather for regular updates.

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