High and dry…HIGH pressure dominates SE weather this week

April 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

HIGH pressure is set to dominate the weather for Reigate most of this week and, quite possibly for much of May, with a few significantly wet interludes caused by a “cut-off” low early next week, possibly. This week, however, we have little or no rain forecast and pleasant spring sunshine raising daytime temperatures to 15ºC or more. Night time minimums could still fall to freezing to produce pockets of frost on some clear nights. North and North Easterly winds will prevent the temperatures reaching too high but winds should remain light. So.. very pleasant weather to come!

An interesting aside to all this nice weather is what is happening elsewhere: a feature called a “cut-off” LOW is causing cold and very wet weather over Spain and parts of France and thunderstorms over the Mediterranean.  This feature was born at the weekend when the cool plunge of showery weather over the UK (an upper trough) reached Spain but was “cut-off” by the jetstream slicing through South East England and cutting the neck off the trough.  This cut-off LOW will yo-yo back towards southern UK later this week (check the rain in France on the map) but is NOT forecast to quite get here… except possibly brush Sussex with rain. It will, however, bring some heavy rain across France. Cut-off LOWS are interesting because they barely feature on surface pressure charts but can cause utterly miserable weather nevertheless. So, whilst we enjoy some wonderful weather think of the Mediterranean and much of continental Europe in this LOW pressure regime courtesy, to some extent, of the action over Surrey with the jetstream last weekend!

Bank Holiday looks better and better: once light rain on Saturday has passed (a weak cold front) the risk of any showers reduces to almost zero through sunday and monday! the rain is staying firmly to the north of the UK and in France.  Bank Hol weather looks very pleasant with temperatures over 20ºC in Reigate.

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