Great weather to watch out for over Reigate this week…

March 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

Weather is always interesting, of course, but this week is extra-fascinating! 3 weather things to watch this week in Reigate:
1. Watch out for… highly unstable cool air moving off the Channel onto warming surfaces during the daytime leading to convection, cumulonimbus clouds and heavy showers, maybe risk of thunder and hail over Reigate: especially Monday and Tuesday.  April showers in a cold March?
2. Keep an eye on … the big show-down between the powerful Polar North Easterlies spilling out from huge blocking HIGH pressure over the Arctic and the, so far, rather feeble South Westerly maritime air that has made little impression recently.  They are due to have a face-off on Thursday. The leading edge of fronts might be snow…but will the warm air reach Reigate or will the LOW retreat out into the Atlantic?
3. You can’t see this in the sky but… note the off-the-scale negative Arctic Oscillation graph that indicates a weak jetstream and high pressure over the Pole which allows Polar air to flood out over the UK easily. Will this mean another fake start to Spring this weekend (check the temperature graph leaping up at the weekend!) and then a return to cold next?
Reigate will mostly stay on the “warm” side of this LOW and avoid the very coldest easterlies this week which will stay up north (except mid-week which will be cooler down here) but the cold air will never be far away so frosty nights are certain, cool temps in slacker winds are definite, heavy showers hit and miss and a minor risk of snow anytime are still worth watching for!
Hope you enjoy the week weather watchers!

quick update Monday: cold weather continues to next week… polar easterly winds return Monday-Tues. after warmer spell this weekend but poss SNOW preceding warm front Saturday- update later.  Heavy rain with snowfall/sleet poss in between for SE: on weds, thurs & Fri. Very active, very odd, potentially extreme weather…watch this space for updates. So, for the moment the Easterlies win! some are calling this the MIA: Mini-Ice Age!

quick update Weds: snow threat Fri/Sat as Atlantic fronts on a vigorous depression move in from the west and move up against the cold air.  This may dump snow on Reigate Saturday.  Next week looks COLD … back in the freezer high threat: snowy Easter possible.  NOT the start of Spring by any stretch…someone tell those birds.

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