Cold wash cycle continues into next week for Reigate

March 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

21 March UK north south divideThe low pressure bringing rain and cool conditions this weekend looks like dragging in a return of north easterly winds as it moves south over the UK.  This means continued cool/cold weather for Reigate Mon – Wednesday next week.  Temperatures, whilst not as cold as the last spell of Easterlies, will bring some rain and maybe even sleet or snow at times through mid-week.  There will be a big battle between milder air to the south and cold air to the north of the UK next week and significant snowfall is a risk where these air masses meet.  Currently, it looks like the front will be further north than Reigate and in the slightly milder air so we will escape the worst of any snow threat poss Tues/Weds and may miss it completely but cool damp unsettled weather is certainly sticking around next week so keep watching for updates!

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