UK COLDWORLD! Spring locked out next week again…

March 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

Some charts for next week show the Polar LOW which is heading our way for this weekend sitting on top of the UK and a HIGH building to the NORTH. This could drag in cool easterlies for some parts of the country again and keep Spring locked out. Look carefully at the chart which shows upper air pressure and temperatures at 500hpa: around 5000m (half way up through the atmosphere: a good place to predict air flows without the disruption of annoying surface features which complicate things).  It shows Russia warming up and Greenland distinctly spring-like but the UK stuck in a pool of cold air from N Scandinavia.  Details are not certain but don’t break open the beach-wear and bbqs just yet, looks like the Kangaroo Spring is set to continue with a hop back to winter yet again next week.

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