Reigate: pleasantly sheltered from its blast…

February 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

Last week we experienced a quick bath in Tropical air courtesy of the “blowtorch” which raised temperatures to a remarkable 12°C in Reigate. This week will be a big contrast and there are no prizes for guessing the wind direction: the chart shows a breezy northerly “blast”. This is called Arctic air because it travels direct from places like Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and the North Pole: direct from the ice sheet to the High Street! Temperatures in Reigate will begin to drop quite markedly when the wind swings round to the North from Tuesday onwards. Reigate will certainly feel chilly as the week goes on with temperatures only a few degrees above freezing during the day and with some frosty nights.  If you like snow you might be disappointed, it looks like we will miss the true drama of these Arctic winds which will play out in exposed parts of Scotland and the North where heavy snow and gales are forecast: but they don’t reach us in the SE. Some models go warm by next weekend, others stay cold until Mid-February. Currently it looks cool and icy for Reigate rather than snowy. Keep the sledges in the garage for now but do watch for the end of the week bringing in Easterly winds which could bring more exciting winter weather.  Is this the last gasp before Spring?  Old weather saying: “As days lengthen… the cold strengthens.”

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