How is today’s weather forecast in Canada linked to our weather this week (and it’s not what you think!)?

February 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

YES, we are in for another cold snap here in Reigate!  It might seem a rather tenuous link, but a severe weather warning for Eastern Canada today is critical to the build-up of our next cold snap, arriving this week. Temperatures for Reigate are due to go cold again and it is linked to what is happening right now in Halifax… and that’s Halifax Nova Scotia, not Yorkshire!  Nova Scotia is experiencing a fierce LOW pressure and unusually WARM conditions as a storm charges North up the Atlantic. This warm air is associated with the northward limb of the jetstream which is dragging warm air up from the Tropics to the Pole. This vigorous feed of warm air will help to build the HIGH pressure in the Mid-Atlantic which will block out warm westerlies from reaching the UK and open the door for a brisk plunge of Arctic air to reach the UK on Wednesday. The southward limb of the jetstream encourages a trough of LOW pressure to build over Europe and this could usher in even colder Polar easterlies to Reigate by the end of the week.  Arctic air usually dumps most of its snow over Scotland and rarely brings much snow down to sheltered Surrey (see recent post on Arctic airmass).  Whilst heavy snow is forecast for the NW and North there probably won’t be much snow getting to us in the SE this week, at least at first.  BUT!… we need to concern ourselves with those continental easterlies emerging at the end of the week as LOW pressure builds over Europe: these frigid winds could bring snow to Reigate but this will depend on the precise pattern of LOWS which are rather hard to predict right now. Check back later for updates on what is likely to be another exciting week of Reigate weather!

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