“All the deep, deep, deep snow…”

January 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

“…All that snow had to go… ” (Dr Suess) … but not until Saturday!

This time next week it could be 12°C with heavy rain! The icy HIGH pressure block controlling our weather is about to be broken down by a deep depression due to hit sometime this weekend. This might yet turn out to be a brief warm interlude and a return to cool conditions is certainly possible before the winter is out… it all depends on the weather over Canada and Greenland and air pressure 15km above the North Pole.

Back to this week: staying cold and mostly snow-free for Reigate (falling from the the air that is; snow underfoot will stay put ;-))
A close shave Tuesday for Reigate: Snow, with sleet behind, pushing in on a warm front edging across the Channel from NW France is not due to reach us in any quantity, and probably not at all (it is due to hit the South West and Wales significantly).
There could be some light snow Tuesday evening and overnight to Wednesday morning but dying out quickly.

The rest of the week looks cold and frosty with light snow flurries possible, but nothing amounting to much. There is snow around but nothing like we have had and little of any significance coming Reigate way.  It will stay chilly with an easterly wind with very cold nights until…
Friday evening and the weekend is when the exciting change to milder conditions is due to start. It won’t be a quick change and may involve a lot of snow preceding rainfall…but, by this time next week this scene of Reigate Hill in the snow might be a distant happy memory!

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