Reigate weather…the big question is next weekend!

January 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

A strong jet stream (high altitude wind) blowing across the Atlantic to the south of the UK is likely to maintain the LOW pressure over Europe this week: which will mean our weather stays cool. Jetstreams direct weather systems on the ground, like a good theatre director bosses around their actors on the stage! Winds blow anticlockwise round LOW pressure systems and when they sit to the south of the UK they drag in cold Easterly and Northerly winds from a freezing continent. Warm air is currently trapped to the south of the jetstream and it won’t budge north because of a blocking HIGH over the North Pole. What does all this mean for Reigate this week?

Sunday snowfall will clear off from Reigate soon and temperatures will drop low overnight (-5°C) under clearing skies. Possible snow/sleet showers Monday pm, temperatures will rise above freezing briefly.  More cold easterlies on Tuesday and Wednesday with snow showers possible. Thursday and Friday look like bringing a cold frosty and foggy HIGH pressure: clear skies = cold overnight temps.  Details might change but that’s about it.
The BIG question is what changes will happen from Friday through next weekend? The mighty computers that use complex models to supply forecasts are at odds on this: US and European models suggest a big Atlantic storm will finally bring in milder weather behind lots of rain (briefly preceded by snow) to the UK. The Canadian (graph pictured) and Japanese models suggest  instead that this LOW will be beaten back yet again with heavy prolonged snow and a continuation of the cold spell through to February. Weathermen say this is a “developing situation” aka: we don’t know yet but it’s exciting to find out which model will win! Watch posts this week for developments on this. 

Good news! RGS weather is now the 39th most popular world weather site and 14thUK weather site on the WEATHER TOPSITES list with nearly 6000 hits since we started in September.

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