Friday 18 January “skyfall” event summary for Reigate

January 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

In Reigate snow started falling lightly at 8:00 am and continued throughout the morning building to a peak moderate snowfall intensity for a few hours  around midday, thereafter gradually dying out through to (approximately) 4.00 pm when the main period of snow stopped.  A total of 8 cm of snow was measured lying at our observation site at Reigate Grammar School (see post below). This is equivalent to approximately 8 mm of rainfall (i.e not much).  So, a total of 8 hours of snowfall delivered just 8 cm of snow, which fell as light or moderate falls. The maximum temperature for the day was +0.2°C at 12:15 am in the morning! The lowest temperature recorded was -2.1°C at 10:00 am.  The lowest wind chill temperature was -7.8°C recorded at 8:00 am, just as the snow started.  

It’s NOT over yet! Another significant snowfall event is possible on Sunday through to Monday with a LOW winding up over the continent and bringing our own special snow just to the South East! We will post details as they become clearer. Please measure snow depth where you are and send in the cm depth! Who has got the most?!  Follow us on twitter @RGSweather for updates and Facebook.

Photos: scenes from today around Reigate Grammar and Reigate.

SOLVED! our anemometer and wind direction transmitter on the school roof malfunctioned early Friday due to snow on rooves interrupting wireless signal from the anemometer and wind vane unit.  Wind records for Friday are therefore invalid because they got stuck! The problem has been fixed.

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