Reigate…stays COOL and maybe more wintry next week?

January 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

A medley of pictures to show more interesting winter weather afoot!  Much talk of heavy snow on Friday as “warmer air” from the Atlantic is predicted to push in from the west. As warmer air from the west meets the dense cold continental air we expect precipitation to initially fall as snow on the leading edge of fronts and then, as warm air takes over, turn to rain … well, that’s the usual scenario. But hang-on!! Things might not be quite so text-book this time.
Charts are predicting cold windchill and moderate but persistent snowfall for Reigate from Friday pm through much of Saturday as a SLIDER LOW slips south east round the HIGH pressure and makes a wobbly attempt to bring milder air in. However, if the LOW moves South it will keep Reigate on the cold side of the fronts with a very chilly SE wind pulling in on Sunday. Probably no mild spell yet then. Charts for early next week also look distinctly wintry! Details will change but for the time being the jet stream is keeping firmly to the south of the UK, so Reigate will stay cool!

The NOAA satellite photo from Tuesday 15-Jan afternoon.

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