Sleet and you shall find!

January 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Sleet and you shall find” is the likely scenario for Monday in Reigate! Deep and crisp and even snow is not looking on the cards for us on Monday despite it snowing almost everywhere else right now (see map) and despite low temperatures overnight and tomorrow morning.
Light snow might lay for a while am but temperatures are due to creep above freezing for Monday as a warm front pushes “warmer” air across the region. This will deliver sleety rain on a southerly wind rather than snow through the morning. Nevertheless, snow is notoriously tricky to forecast and the cold front following closely behind might still deliver moderate snow showers as temperatures fall Monday pm and overnight to Tuesday heading in on an increasingly brisk and cold Northerly / NE.  Why is snow so difficult to forecast accurately?  There are good reasons for this… but this is a question to tackle later.  Meanwhile, latest model runs suggest cold will hang on for at least a week, snow still very much on the cards… so perhaps “ask and it will be given to you” might still hold true for snow lovers? (Matthew 7:7)

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