Prepare for an explosive week of weather!

October 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

An unusual weather pattern exists right now: High pressure in the Atlantic is stopping our normal south/westerly winds and allowing cool north and north westerlies to dominate.  Once the rain on Monday shifts from the South East, Tuesday will be our best day – especially out west where a ridge of high pressure briefly flirts with the UK.  After that an ugly low pressure system swoops down from Iceland and the Low will centre over NW Scotland.  Strong winds and heavy rain will affect much of the country, especially the western half.

However, a tricky beast of a storm (a wave depression) might rapidly develop to the SW of the UK and rip across the south rather quickly sometime around Friday / Saturday.  Look at the jetstream chart below for next Saturday and see how the jetstream really picks up over the South during this time, dragging the storm along on the surface, like an unruly dog on a lead! This “dog” has a pretty big bark and a big bite and could deliver a deluge of rain and strong gales over the south.  Let’s wait and see: some bonfire nights might be wet and windy.


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