to do list

August 7, 2012 — Leave a comment
  1. Live webpage construction & blog creation: installed cumulus software 13/08/12: basic upload completed 26 Sept. 2012!
  2. Testing data stream = tested; good wireless connection and stream of data at 10minute intervals from logger to pc.
  3. Calibration of anemometer (speed and direction), thermometer and rain gauge.
  4. student involvement: weather station club? collection of data/recording onto excel / cumulus?
  5. get some traditional weather instruments set up  calibrate / test accuracy of AWS: Thermometer, hygrometer and new rain gauge installed 23 Sept 2012
  6. investigate other forms of data output: screens, feeds, etc.
  7. data backup facility: ITS batch file command set up 3/10/12
  8. upload to weather underground, WOW (sorted 3/10/12) and NOAA and develop a Twitter page.
  9. Develop blog page: include links to forecast pages, details on HOW data is collected e.g. accuracy / resolution of instruments. Also, include helpful details of meta-data, AWS siting and anemometer.
  10. Include blog pages on weather news; observations, simple explanations of weather phenomenon: student orientated.

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